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AlertPro is an enterprise-class monitoring and analytics platform built for cloud-based Microsoft solutions. With a centralized management platform for multi-vendor network ecosystems, AlertPro ensures optimal call quality for your end-users and reduces mean resolution time for your IT departments.​​


AlertPro offers the first call quality issue alert for key executives and business leaders. Notifications and alerts are sent directly to your Network Operations Center for all quality and service-affecting issues. Receive granular, fine-tuned alerts based on criteria you set to tailor your SLAs.
  • The scope of impact (network segment, wireless coverage area, systemwide)
  • ​Physical location
  • VIP users (executives and business leaders)

Active Monitoring

  • Outages or poor performance due to network issues 
  • Continuous QoS tests
  • Network path and DSCP changes
  • Codec tests

Centralized Management

End-to-end visibility across a multi-vendor network ecosystem via a centralized, horizontal view. Easy access to the critical, actionable voice performance information your technical resources need to resolve issues quickly.

Synthetic Testing

A variety of testing options are available, including:
  • Stress testing that increases voice/video sessions to determine when quality starts to degrade
  • Continuous QoS testing which provides alarm alerts for a QoS threshold breach
  • Network trace technology that generates alarms for route path and Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) changes
  • Codec tests to verify that different codecs are working properly

Interactive Reporting

Access to your own reporting with data covering:
  • Quality of Service
  • MOS Scores / Route Path
  • Changes / DSCP Changes
  • Delay / Jitter / Packet Loss
  • Outages and Abnormalities Emailed to your NOC/Helpdesk in real-time!

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