A Recap of Our Week at Enterprise Connect 2019

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Last year we launched, this year we learned. In March, the TetraVX team had the pleasure of joining over 6,400 other attendees and 200 exhibitors at the largest ever attended Enterprise Connect. Through conversations and event keynotes, our team spent the week in Orlando catching up on emerging trends in the unified communications & collaboration (UCC) space.

But beyond the record attendance and the valuable conversations we were able to be a part of in our booth, we were particularly impressed by the themes we saw this year at Enterprise Connect of big-name mergers, women in tech and voice technology:

Plantronics and Polycom Rebrand to “Poly”

A year after acquiring Polycom for $2 billion, TetraVX partner Plantronics announced that the merged company has rebranded to become Poly (“many” in ancient Greek). This fresh identity means introducing some new focus areas for the brand: making workspaces work intuitively, helping people collaborate, designing mobile-first solutions and advancing cloud services that help users get more out of their devices.

So what does this mean to TetraVX as a software partner? An even stronger partnership. Poly’s inventory management product integrates directly with AlertPro, a 24/7 UCC monitoring system that ensures firmware and software are properly updated and gives suggestions for remediation. And when it comes time to resolve issues, this integration allows IT teams to report down to the individual Poly headset used. We’re excited to see the rest of Poly’s new changes as the acquisition continues.

Women in tech

Three of the five keynotes at Enterprise Connect 2019 were women — a strong signal our industry is doing better to recognize and promote more diverse leadership. But female representation was also felt outside of the mainstage, with many women speaking at break-out sessions and panel events.

One of the featured businesswomen was Kara Longo Korte, our Director of Product Management and a recipient of a 2018 Stevie Award for Women in Business. She sat down with theCube and gave the scoop on what makes TetraVX stand out from the 200 other exhibitors. She explained how our approach to unified communications (UCC) is unique as a provider that doesn’t “have a horse in the race.” Without a product preference, TetraVX instead offers personalized solutions to customers — which means our customers have their pick of partners, products, and plans.

She also discussed other major trends at this year’s conference, like product integrations and how enterprises should leverage UCC as a competitive advantage, and revealed she believes great user experiences and smoother adoption are the keys to truly seamless UCC.

She also discussed TetraVX’s partnerships, like the relationship with our contact center partner, Five9. Beyond collaborating on a service and delivery standpoint, TetraVX and Five9 have forged a partnership to do something greater. We’ve recently worked together to give back to those in the community that need our support. Together, our organizations have raised money for our local Ronald Mcdonald House, which provides families of hospitalized children with a place to stay for the duration of their treatment.

Voice is here to stay

Big names at the event were busy making voice-related reveals and announcements, signaling that voice is still a major player in the enterprise communications game. In fact, it looks like voice could remain the primary communication method for quite some time. While the market is saturated with different avenues of communication (chat, video, email, etc.), each has a specific time and a place for use.

Out of the ten different channels available to communicate with an employee or coworker, which do you choose? The appropriate channel for a particular purpose is less about technology and more about policy — and there will always be a place for voice.

Cloud is still a hot topic

Cloud is no longer something to fear from a trust or security standpoint, but a future investment to consider — and it was everywhere at Enterprise Connect. The debate continued to rage from both camps: those in favor of a full cloud transition and those that remain in favor of a scaled transition with on-prem options. Major organizations have heavily invested in their communication infrastructure and buyers are faced with a large number of options. The task is now trying to leverage that existing investment — and utilizing the cloud where its value points are appropriate.

But we shouldn’t forget that other services are needed as well — enterprises don’t need to move to the cloud just for the sake of being cloud-based. It’s important to find where the cloud fits in an enterprise environment and where it can be leveraged.

Beyond these topics, Enterprise Connect also gave us a look into the whole spectrum of conversations surrounding the future of UCC. Today’s enterprise is looking for a communications competitive advantage, especially as the boundaries between personal communication and enterprise communication blur and consumer expectations reach new heights. This year’s event provided us with some new insights and trends to consider and has us excited for what we’ll learn next year.

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