TetraVX Brings Clarity to Unified Communications at Enterprise Connect

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The unified communications space can be noisy. This year at Enterprise Connect, we’re looking to start a clearer conversation.

TetraVX makes its debut at this year’s conference in Orlando, where we’re excited to introduce ourselves and our innovative trio of what we firmly believe are the best-in-class UC solutions today. Our cloud-based, vendor-agnostic products are sharply focused on making sure organizations can communicate as effortlessly as possible. And, most importantly, we’re very much looking forward to putting a face to our name at Enterprise Connect, as our solutions are as much about building trusted relationships and truly understanding our customers’ needs as they are about technology.

If you’re headed to Orlando too, join us at booth #426 for inspired conversations around the future of UCaaS and how our products will help mold it.

TetraVX’s Expertise, Forrester’s insights: An interactive workshop

TetraVX may be new, but our expertise runs deep. Born of Netrix, LLC, our brand benefits from 20 years of rich experience in integrated technology. We’ll be bringing this knowledge to the stage for a workshop titled Molding UCaaS to Fit Your Enterprise, Not the Other Way Around,” hosted by TetraVX Chief Innovation Architect Dean Pipes and Forrester Analyst Art Schoeller. The pair will walk through a complete and holistic view of a proper UCaaS implementation, aimed at giving the audience actionable next steps backed by Forrester data and insights. The audience will have the opportunity for real-time Q&A with Art and Dean as they discuss:

  • The lessons TetraVX has learned from past UCaaS challenges
  • Where UCaaS is headed
  • How to perform a UC infrastructure self-assessment
  • Necessary steps to implement a successful, and future-proofed, UCaaS solution
  • User Adoption and its role in the planning process

This workshop – which will be held from 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. March 13th – is ideal for any IT decision-makers or influencers looking for a fresh, honest and data-driven perspective on UCaaS.

The Future of UCaaS: Hands-on 

We’re looking forward to showing Enterprise Connect attendees how our solutions can connect their organizations and fuel productivity. TetraVX’s philosophy hinges on the belief that the best solutions are deployed when driven by the end-users needs and work styles. Beyond our technology offerings, we provide unparalleled service to companies looking to find their next UC provider. TetraVX takes a consultative approach to working with customers, and our experts will be available at booth #426 to strategize with attendees about how UC can solve each unique organization’s business goals. Real UC transformation and user adoption only happen when you have partners who support your deployment every step of the way. TetraVX accomplishes this goal through a variety of service offerings, including UC readiness assessments, managed services, professional services, integrated collaboration solutions, change communication, training, and support.

A Lively Oasis on the Show Floor

At our core, TetraVX’s believes real business transformation happens by having genuine conversations with our customers, and the experiences we’re bringing to Enterprise Connect should do the same. Product demos will be casual and consultative, meant to foster real connections and give attendees a chance to explore our offerings in a pressure-free atmosphere.

And since the conference marks our official launch, we’ll be celebrating with hand-rolled cigar demonstrations at our booth. Cigar giveaways and Q&As with cigar professionals will occur Monday from 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. and Wednesday from 3 to 5 p.m.

Our launch at Enterprise Connect marks the entrance of a unique and important voice in the UCaaS space. But yours is equally as important. We will be conducting a short electronic survey during the conference focused on user adoption, and we would greatly value your input. We will use these findings to report what we hope is valuable insight into the roadblocks and pain points in UC adoption in the months following Enterprise Connect.

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