What really is Unified Communications-as-a-Service?

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Considering how dramatically cell phones have transformed communication, it is surprising that corresponding corporate telephony systems have yet to achieve the same global saturation. However, the burgeoning Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) industry is reducing costs, improving security and offering businesses the reliable, scalable communication and collaboration tools, like Cisco Spark, they need to remain competitive in a global marketplace.

What is UCaaS?

The UCaaS system manages all of your corporate communications – including voice, video, audio, and any combination thereof – over the Internet, providing a significant improvement over existing traditional and digital telephone communications.

  • Old-style circuit-switched systems provided relatively secure communications, but their wired, land-locked technology was expensive to install and use. These systems are rapidly becoming obsolete as digital telephony options become widespread.
  • Conversely, today’s wi-fi and cellular networks improve communications by eliminating costly hard wiring and freeing employees from their desks. However, most of these systems pose security risks as interlopers can easily eavesdrop on communication.

Consequently, the UCaaS industry emerged to combine the security benefits of traditional phone systems with the flexibility and scalability of technological programming. UCaaS extends the telephone opportunities offered by the first digital phone service – VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – by adding additional collaboration and communications tools to the digital communications system.

How UCaaS benefits companies

Perhaps the biggest advantage of UCaaS programming is that it is available from third-party vendors, so enterprises avoid costly technology investments by simply signing up for the service. But that is not the only perk your company will experience with its new UCaaS system.

The majority of today’s myriad communication tools are stand-alone programs, each offering distinct capacities unrelated to the functions of the others. Workers who use more than one are often juggling to keep data collected as it streams in from the various services. An effective UCaaS eliminates the difficulty by collating all communications tools into a single portal that captures data from every source of communication. The resulting coordinated communications capacity reduces time wasted searching for or sorting information.

Especially if your enterprise has teams spread out across an office, a region or internationally, unified communication and collaboration capacities seamlessly connect each with the work of the others. UCaaS conferencing gathers employees into a single digital forum where they can work together, regardless of where they are in the world.

Most importantly, when internal communications systems are flowing smoothly, the organization will be moving forward faster, too. The UCaaS acts as the conduit that facilitates enhanced productivity, offering better business outcomes and improved corporate agility. The tools provided by the right UCaaS solution can reduce the costs of your organization’s communications while improving your overall company productivity.

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