How Unified Communications Improve School District Budget

Allocating the resources within school budgets requires a careful balancing of prudent resource management against optimizing student success. Fortunately, like a business, a school district can benefit when it follows tried-and-true budget management strategies to manage its money, such as cutting costs and improving productivity. Investment in unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offers every school district the opportunity to achieve both of those business goals through engagement with a single asset. A myriad of school communications needs Keeping school staff, students, parents, and the greater community connected is vital to every school district, even though most of those school participants [...]

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Is Video the New Voice?

We all hold meetings on a daily basis. Most of which is through conventional means like audio bridge calls. Though voice calls are still the most utilized communication mechanism, the industry is trending rapidly towards video. Remember when two people start talking at the same time on an audio call? Or there is an abrupt silence or a situation where you are trying hard to speak but can't because someone else is talking continuously? This confusion happens because we lose the visual cues that help drive a conversation. To make meetings more productive organizations are adopting the use of video. [...]

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Five Essentials of Team Collaboration Apps

The concept of the team collaboration app is simple - a hub through which you can communicate, share documents, and collaborate on different projects. There are many team collaboration apps around, including Asana, Podio, Sack, Igloo, Google's GSuite, and Microsoft 365 just to name a few. You will probably look at features such as ease of use, whether or not an app fits your workflow, and assess how much time your team will save when selecting a collaboration app. However, there are other features you also should take into consideration. Security Collaboration means you will have to share intellectual property, and possibly [...]

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