What We Learned at Enterprise Connect 2018

Just before hitting the show floor to make our debut at Enterprise Connect last month, we promised we’d be starting a clearer conversation about unified communications. While at Enterprise Connect, we began the conversation by surveying attendees about their experience with UC deployments and maintenance, gaining insight into everything from adoption rates to the barriers keeping companies from adopting full-cloud solutions. Now that we’ve had a chance to reflect on the results, we want to present and breakdown what we see as some truly interesting data points – many of [...]

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Cisco Vs. Microsoft: An Enterprise Connect Webinar Review

The two giants in unified communications technology, Cisco and Microsoft, are both looking to their clouds for future Unified Communications (UC) deployments, particularly in the team collaboration area. As detailed in a recent Enterprise Connect webinar, "Cisco vs. Microsoft: Customizing Your Cloud UC Deployment," sponsored by TetraVX, both companies still have on-premises roadmaps, but they are pinning the future and major products in the cloud. Microsoft announced that Teams, their replacement for Skype for Business, will only be available in their Office 365 cloud. Cisco has indicated that Spark, which [...]

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The Immediate Future of Mobile Enterprise

Mobility is a priority for 71 percent of enterprises, according to Forrester. Mobile devices keep teams connected and make businesses agile and more productive. Nasscom believes that the mobility market will generate $140 billion in annual revenues by 2020. Businesses need to invest in the right tools, to keep their mobile network safe and to figure out how to use mobility to increase productivity. Here are five mobility trends to watch out for: Bring your own device (BYOD) Enterprises let employees use their personal device at work and to connect [...]

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Artificial Intelligence and Unified Communications

Today's emerging "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) technology promises to enhance productivity while cutting the costs of virtually every business process, including communications. "AI" refers to the programming of computers to perform "thinking" functions like reasoning, perception, and learning. "Machine learning" (ML), a type of AI, refers to a computer's capacity to continuously build algorithms that use statistical analysis to predict ever-more-refined outcomes. Applying AI and ML to the communications sector is already generating never-before-imagined opportunities for collaboration as machines and humans engage almost like peers. Rapid Adoption Demonstrates High Value Many [...]

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