TetraVX Brings Clarity to Unified Communications at Enterprise Connect

The unified communications space can be noisy. This year at Enterprise Connect, we’re looking to start a clearer conversation. TetraVX makes its debut at this year’s conference in Orlando, where we’re excited to introduce ourselves and our innovative trio of what we firmly believe are the best-in-class UC solutions today. Our cloud-based, vendor-agnostic products are sharply focused on making sure organizations can communicate as effortlessly as possible. And, most importantly, we’re very much looking forward to putting a face to our name at Enterprise Connect, as our solutions are as much about building trusted relationships and truly understanding our customers' [...]

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Internet of Things Strengthens the Bond Between People and Machine

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a continuously growing environment made up of connected devices, sensors, and other endpoints. Each device is network enabled and can transmit information to other machines or people which unearths the question, how will IoT impact Unified Communications? Unified Communications has historically provided real-time communications between people allowing them to collaborate efficiently. With the emergence of IoT, we are starting to see the communication streams expand from not just people to people, but into communication between people and machines. Businesses are looking to leverage IoT to streamline processes, services and more. Much as smart [...]

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The Challenges of Moving to UCaaS

Achieving unified communication is an important part of any business. Whether you have a dozen employees or a thousand, you need infrastructure in place that allows the users and teams within your organization to communicate effectively and efficiently with each other. You may already have an on-site infrastructure in place, but it may be difficult to maintain as your needs change, new people are added, and software releases new updates. At first, moving your unified communication structure to a cloud-based service might seem like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is certainly appealing remove some of the pressure [...]

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What really is Unified Communications-as-a-Service?

Considering how dramatically cell phones have transformed communication, it is surprising that corresponding corporate telephony systems have yet to achieve the same global saturation. However, the burgeoning Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) industry is reducing costs, improving security and offering businesses the reliable, scalable communication and collaboration tools, like Cisco Spark, they need to remain competitive in a global marketplace. What is UCaaS? The UCaaS system manages all of your corporate communications - including voice, video, audio, and any combination thereof - over the Internet, providing a significant improvement over existing traditional and digital telephone communications. Old-style circuit-switched systems [...]

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How the Cloud Bridges the Unified Communication Complexity Gap

Enterprise communications can be summed up in two words: complex and expensive. To support collaboration at the enterprise level, it’s crucial to have the right solution. However, often the right answer is a combination of solutions. There are so many choices when it comes to unified communications (UC). UC encompass all forms of communication, including phone, email, video conference, Web chat, texting, and more. And because communication and collaboration are critical parts to your overall business efficiency, you’ll need a solution that is reliable, easy to manage, and flexible enough to adapt to your business’s evolving needs. You must also [...]

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