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UC for Education

Allocating the resources within school budgets requires a careful balancing of prudent resource management against optimizing student success. Fortunately, like a business, a school district can benefit when it follows tried-and-true budget management strategies to manage its money, such as cutting costs and improving productivity. Investment in unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offers every school district the opportunity to achieve both of those business goals through engagement with a single asset.

UC for Higher Education

Easy Integration & Support For Distance Learning

Distance learning can be flexible for your school. It can be a time that is an effectual method of learning from home and by using UCaaS in your own time. This is even without being in regular, direct contact with teachers or presenters in the schoolroom. You are even supplied with learning materials by the college or university providing your course, which can usually be accessed online.

You will still have one-to-one lessons. However, these will occur remotely by webinars, phone, email or Skype. Most courses now have message boards and study forums where students on the same course can discuss their studies.

More Strategic Use of University Resources

It’s a constant issue for most educational organizations: how to make frequently shrinking resources to extend to take care of regularly expanding costs. Hosted VoIP systems from UCaaS, in contrast, have dramatically lower upfront capital expenses, along with decreased support and maintenance prices, leading to a reduced overall cost of proprietorship. The administration can be handled through easy-to-use Web portals, even though tech service is taken care of by the cloud host, instead of institution information technology staffers.

You will find that using UCaaS can save money when your school merges voice and data access lines. When basic call control and voice features are moved to the cloud, institutions can expect additional savings of $400 to $600 per line.

Reliable Communication Channels

Because UCaaS is cloud-based, it is more reliable than traditional communications tools like telephones or fax machines. Cloud-based communications come with “redundancy” protections, automatic backup solutions that become available when the main system experiences a failure. Ergo, with a redundant safety fallback to rely on, schools, universities and their staff should never experience the downtimes that can occur when traditional phone systems fail.

UCaaS for K-12

Increased Productivity

UCaaS incorporates a spectrum of digital tools, each of which is designed to facilitate a separate type of communication while operating in and sharing data with the greater communications system as a whole. Consequently, a unified system eliminates the numerous devices currently needed to accommodate all available communications methods while also enhancing the productive capacity of the digital option.

For example, workers can email, text, or phone colleagues and receive responses in the technology format best available to the recipient. Voice messages are converted to text so they can be read rather than heard. And the services are available on mobile devices, so teachers and staff can safely leave their desks knowing they can still effectively communicate anyone in the school community.

Reduction & Optimization of Operating Costs

Perhaps the most attractive element of UCaaS to both the school district and its public funders is its cost-reducing capacity. Rather than purchasing and maintaining a wide variety of communications tools, a school district need only invest in one – the unified system – to receive all the benefits of all those systems rolled into a single, scalable package. Not only with the district save money, it will also experience optimized communications across all of its functions and facilities.

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