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 Scaled for Large Enterprise Support

With significant commitments to varied communications investments, multiple small and large sites, and a complex workforce, large enterprises have much more complex requirements when it comes to Unified Communications. At TetraVX, we understand those challenges and provide the solutions and services to solve for them.


Customized Enterprise Communications

TetraVX represents multiple manufacturers and holds the highest level of certification for a spectrum of technologies. Because we take a solution neutral approach, TetraVX can provide a truly customized solution for your unique business drivers. Our consultative process consists of key business and end-user analysis to determine the solution, or mix of solutions, that is right for you. With TetraVX, you get more business value from your communications investment. While starting points vary, any migration to unified communications brings up similar questions.

When it comes to leveraging the entirety of infrastructure investments, TetraVX creates a long-term roadmap that is part of a larger initiative to migrate functionality to the cloud. Our staggered roll-out strategies are often used to move organizations slowly to the cloud as infrastructure ages or new users are onboarded. TetraVX can deploy a hybrid solution that offers seamless user experience across both cloud and on-premise UC. By providing this service, TetraVX can help enterprises transition from existing on-premises investments to those that are cloud based.

Multiple unified communications technologies, legacy communication technologies, and legacy infrastructure are common in an enterprise environment. In order to maximize communication benefits and increase financial efficiencies like asset preservation, TetraVX provides multi-vendor interoperability for Enterprises to get the most out of their diverse unified communication infrastructure.

Customer Service

Leave the customization to us. When you work with TetraVX, you will receive a dedicated project manager. TetraVX stands by our SLA and QoS commitments and provides complete transparency into our escalation process. With 24x7x365 access to our support desk, we are always here when you need us. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Change Communication

By starting with the end user first, you understand how technology is used by your employees and/or within departments and then align the best technology and resources to their specific needs. We then help communicate change internally. The goal is to get the most positive impact for these changes, increasing adoption rates and proving a better return on your investment.

Security & Compliance

TetraVX enables you to take legacy applications to the cloud while maintaining controls needed for compliance. You can experience preservation of your legacy systems and functionality in private cloud deployment options.

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What Clients Say

We knew we wanted to migrate our collaboration to the cloud, but our challenge was a unique environment that could not simply be ripped out and completely replaced. At the same time, we didn’t want a long, drawn-out project. TetraVX delivered us a customized solution that was perfect for our employees just one week after signature.