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UC for Retail

Due to innovations and integration of technology and technological devices, corporations and retail stores now have an abundance of information about their customers. This information helps retail businesses deliver personalized, seamless, and targeted content across multiple communication channels to help consumers make better and more informed choices on which products to buy.

Personalization of Customer Service

UCaaS helps retailers seamlessly integrate their business communication tools and acquire contextual information that can help in the personalization of customer service and marketing. It also provides retail businesses with the ability to synchronize real-time communications features, such as text, instant messaging, voice, and video.

Cloud-Based Framework

UCaaS also provides a cloud-based framework, which means that retailers are not required to develop their private back-end infrastructures themselves. They can make use of developer-friendly application programming interfaces to add additional features to their mobile apps, social media, and websites.

Integration of Disparate Communication Channels

Although most retailers broadcast content and receive feedback through their brand websites, social media, mobile apps, and other digital media, UCaaS allows the seamless integration of these distinct communication channels. Customers face many inconveniences when they use different apps and media to obtain information, communicate with customer service, or make inquiries concerning available products and services.

Intelligent Channeling of Customer Inquiries

Retail businesses can also improve their customer service experience by making use of UCaaS to capture relevant data about the nature of customers’ inquiries and use the captured data to channel the inquiries to the relevant automated response flows or the appropriate support staff.

Improves the Customer Service Experience

Intelligent channeling drastically cuts down on the total time customers spend making inquiries and improves the overall customer service experience. UCaaS also improves digital marketing strategies as they enable the delivery of relevant and contextual communication that has been tailored to appeal to the individual customer.

Automated Text Communication

For retail businesses to thrive, they have to earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of their customers. UCaaS can help them automate the sending of personalized text messages to customers who have recently interacted with the brand. For instance, retail businesses that anticipate shipping delays due to adverse weather conditions can alert affected customers. Sending these timely updates to customers showcases the professionalism of the business and can help to maintain customer loyalty.

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