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Recorded Webinars

Cisco vs. Microsoft: Navigating Fast-Changing UC Roadmaps

Created in partnership with Enterprise Connect and No Jitter

The two largest strategic vendors—Cisco and Microsoft—have been busy making changes to their enterprise communications roadmaps, incorporating collaboration applications as fundamental components. Keeping up is a challenge and unanswered questions are causing confusion and skepticism amongst IT leadership. Before simply implementing the ‘shiny new toy’, it’s imperative to make data-driven, informed decisions that avoid disrupting your workforce with an overload of communication systems. In this webinar, industry analyst Brent Kelly will update his Enterprise Connect 2018 “Cisco vs. Microsoft” presentation to provide insights at a strategic level, incorporating the Cisco Webex rebranding and all the latest from Microsoft. This presentation will help strategic decision-makers understand the current state of both product roadmaps while educating IT decision-makers on how to evaluate new and existing UCC systems from a business and technical perspective.

Unified Communications in The Cloud: Every Journey is Different

Created in partnership with IDG

Unified Communications (UC) has proven to be of immense value to businesses of all kinds. UC consolidates communication modes, increases user productivity and lowers costs. But because UC is not always easy to implement, many organizations have yet to reap these benefits. That’s changing, though, thanks to cloud-based UC as-a-Service. In this webinar, Dean Pipes, Chief Innovation Architect at TetraVX, will walk through how each organization’s journey to the cloud is different and provide a complete and holistic view of what it takes to build a proper, and cost-efficient, strategy, and implementation plan.

Cisco vs. Microsoft: Customizing Your Cloud UC Deployment

Created in partnership with Enterprise Connect and No Jitter

The two major vendors in the Unified Communications space, Cisco and Microsoft, are both strongly promoting their cloud UC deployments. If cloud UC is on your enterprise’s roadmap, but you don’t want to move to either the Microsoft cloud or the Cisco cloud, what then? What do you do if Microsoft Teams or Cisco Spark don’t meet your needs, but the current products, Skype for Business and CUCM/Jabber, do? Does it really have to be one vendor or the other, or can it be both? In this webinar, Dr. Brent Kelly, a leading analyst/consultant and presenter of the popular Cisco vs. Microsoft session at Enterprise Connect, will address the issue of moving UC to the cloud using solutions from these vendors.

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