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Three Questions You Need to Ask Before Switching to the Cloud

As business operations continue to grow, many organizations are beginning to question if now is the right time to move their communications and collaboration solution to the cloud. Migrating to a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform offers expanding organizations a number of benefits. From a lowered total cost of ownership to greater scalability and flexibility, cloud-based unified communications can help businesses improve productivity and streamline disparate workflows…

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How Business Gets Done Differently with UC and UCC Environments

Unified Communications (UC) is the term for what most of us know as the set of tools we use each day to communicate within our organizations. A UC stack typically integrates some combination of telephony, instant messaging, email and voice — all of which can be accessed in the office or while mobile. We use the tools most familiar and convenient to us, and advances in UC technology environments have made us more connected than ever before. But the modern enterprise faces ever-increasing pressure to…

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Unified Communications-as-a-Service: It’s Time to Begin the Journey

In this whitepaper, learn why the best approach is often to take a hybrid approach, gradually implementing UCaaS while keeping an on-premises system in place until needs change.


Top 10 Reasons to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud

The contact center infrastructure market is undergoing a major revolution, moving from complex, on-premises, multi-vendor technology to easy to use, all in one software suites in the cloud. But is moving your contact center to the cloud right for your business? Find out more about the top 10 reasons why businesses like yours are moving to the cloud in this whitepaper.


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