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cVX: Powered by Cisco

TetraVX’s cVX offering is a cloud-based Cisco Unified Communications solution built with your business objective in mind. Get market-leading features such as call control, communications gateways, and applications delivered to you in the cloud. Whether you need to control costs, improve productivity, or boost innovation, cVX has everything you need and want in a cloud phone system.

Optimizing Your Communication Needs

Monolithic systems face challenges in integration and flexibility, as changes in technology, employee needs, and upgrades make it difficult to manage. Tetra VX utilizes market-leading, best-of-breed, enterprise-class solutions that enable organizations to take advantage of complete solutions for business needs by department, office and even by employee. Tetra VX represents a unique capability to offer solutions from the industry leader, Cisco. The vision, ingenuity, and R&D from the top industry leader combined with years of real-world implementation experience and a customer/user-centric approach enables Netrix to serve its clients for what’s best for their business.

Delivering on a Breadth of Solutions

Technology is a core infrastructure of modern business operations and unified communications is a critical service that must have high availability, disaster recovery, and SLAs. Tetra VX provides the expertise necessary for you to focus on your core business rather than having to hire, train, and manage in-house professionals. UCaaS provided by Tetra VX gives you on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployment options. With unified communication technologies, rapid features and functionality enhancements require frequent updates and upgrades. Tetra VX will enable you to quickly and easily add new features, users and add new sites/regions.

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What Clients Say

We knew we wanted to migrate our collaboration to the cloud, but our challenge was a unique environment that could not simply be ripped out and completely replaced. At the same time, we didn’t want a long, drawn-out project. TetraVX delivered us a customized solution that was perfect for our employees just one week after signature.