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The Importance of a Strong Network

When your network isn’t working, you aren’t either. Network downtime is a loss for your business, robbing you of valuable resources and revenue each minute. TetraVX engineers have expertise in more than just unified communications. Our highly accredited engineers also understand networking and security and have both Cisco and Juniper certifications. TetraVX provides Network Analysis & Remediation using industry leading Nectar solutions.

What does a UC Readiness Assessment Include?

Network Analysis

Nectar assures application, network and endpoint health by solving critical SIP network issues, including poor audio quality associated with ineffective design and implementation. It provides comprehensive, end-to-end visibility into the health and performance of the network and Session Border Controllers (SBC), and ensures that corrective actions occur in a timely manner.

Ensuring Quality of Service

The true value of TetraVX’s Network Analysis & Remediation service is the in-depth report developed on how the actual packets of a conversation are being handled on the network and inform you exactly how the network treats an individual user’s conversation. This report provides visibility into the true end-user experience and proactively identifies the source of any potential performance problems before you implement a UC solution.

High-Density Wireless Management

Is your wireless network prepared to handle your BYOD strategy? Wireless networks that were once designed to support a few laptop computers must now routinely host a wide range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablet computers, and e-readers, often with these devices running bandwidth-intensive applications such as video. As a result, IT administrators are increasingly faced with the challenge of how to design and deploy a wireless network that can accommodate the exponential growth in network devices and applications. TetraVX can help by identifying potential issues in your wireless network before they impact end-user experience.

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What Clients Say

We knew we wanted to migrate our collaboration to the cloud, but our challenge was a unique environment that could not simply be ripped out and completely replaced. At the same time, we didn’t want a long, drawn-out project. TetraVX delivered us a customized solution that was perfect for our employees just one week after signature.